In mid-summer 2013, Jade Hoffman and Poppy Illsley founded Always the Kraken in a pub in South-West London. One year later, to celebrate our birthday, Always the Kraken became Tiamat Film, our octopus mascot cleaned up his act, and our website underwent a grand transformation.

Using a combination of skill, versatility and telepathy, Tiamat FilmĀ produces a wide range of video content – from fiction shorts to conference and corporate event filming. We work with small, light equipment, mostly using DSLR cameras, and in small, close-knit teams (keeping it to the two of us where possible). Staying small means we can work quickly and keep unnecessary costs down. We believe that good filmmaking is comprised of good communication and bright ideas with no unnecessary pomp or baggage.

We are incredibly proud to be able to say that we work exclusively for organisations that we think are making a beneficial impact on the world – whether through delicious, locally sourced cider or through funding tomorrow’s foremost engineering entrepreneurs.

We are small but expanding, drawing on a large pool of wonderfully talented friends to create beautiful, exact films.